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The switchable privacy display of Innolux, has come to the second generation, the main technology comes from two aspects:

Dual cell Dual technology

One of the LCD cells provides a normal display screen, which is no different from a normal LCD cell. The other cell is used as an privacy mode switch, which can switch between privacy mode and sharing mode. When the privacy provides the driving voltage, the liquid crystal does not move, this time is the sharing mode, when the driving voltage is provided, the liquid crystal rotates to achieve the effect of blocking light, forming a privacy mode.

Collimated backlight technology

To achieve a good privacy effect, another condition is the technology of collimated backlight, which is used to improve light utilization efficiency and optimize the effect of privacy mode, but this technology is technically difficult and mass production yield rate is a major test of whether such a product can be mass-produced smoothly. Innolux has an excellent module design team and an automated module manufacturing team, which can effectively improve the mass production yield of this technology.

For such a switchable privacy display, Innolux has the advantages of LCD glass manufacturing and long-term experience, coupled with industry-leading automated production line production technology, from LCD glass manufacturing to backlight module design, and the subsequent automated assembly process. The design, development and production are completed in the Innolux factory, which can provide customers with one-stop customized services, and hope to achieve a win-win effect for both Innolux and customers.