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microLED is excellent self-emmissive technology with high efficiency, high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut, long life time, fast response time, high reliability, thin and light structure, transparency and flexibility, and will lead next generation of FPD technology (the first generation is TFT-LCD; the second generation is OLED). Becasue the MicroLED chips only occupies a small area of ​​the pixel, it also can integrate various drivers or sensors in the pixel, and create a refreshing immersive interactive screen experience.

Innolux takes its own LTPS backplane driving technology as the core, and has been deeply engaged in AM (Active Matrix) microLED display technology. We have independently developed key technologies: color conversion technology, selective mass transfer and mass repair technology, seamless tiling technology and direct fine patterning technology and laying out color conversion base AM microLED display architecture and RGB LED base AM-microLED display architecture for different fields application purpose. AM microLED display, with ultra-high contrast, ultra-wide-angle, no color cast, high color gamut, retina-level resolution, and seamless tiling technology, is very suitable for smart entertainment (e.g. large display screen in corporate headquarters, security control rooms, high-end theaters, museums, other 8K retina public display market, smart TV, gaming and future classroom), and will focus on smart mobility (e.g. car/aircraft/smart glasses), smart medical (E.g. smart hospital/precision medical/video-medicine) and smart retail (e.g. convenience supermarket/mass retailer/department shopping center) market to create new value in the display industry.