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The active matrix (AM) driving mini-LED PID device controls each mini-LED element with thin film transistor (TFT). Innolux has worked diligently on its AM-miniLED display technology, and it has added LED chip on board (COB), rollable, new splicing and surface treatment display technologies to enable the following features:

1. Seamless and unlimited splicing

2. High-quality color and grayscale presentation

3. No flicker in display, no scanning stripes in photographs

4. Ultra black appearance and fully flat high-quality surface treatment, an elegant look regardless of whether the display is activated or not

5. Anti-collision, preventing LED lamp beads from falling off

6. Power saving: Innolux AM miniLED PID is currently the most power efficient LED display among fellow short pitch LEDs with the same brightness level

7. Eye protection soft light: In a study where Innolux collaborated with National Cheng Kung University in a human eye experiment, Innolux AM miniLED public display is less likely to cause dry eyes. Innolux AM miniLED can not only be used in indoor settings such as meeting rooms, central control rooms, and exhibition rooms, but also achieve 2500nits brightness, which allows usage in semi-outdoors, and even outdoor high-brightness environments. Innolux AM miniLED is truly versatile and capable of fulfilling various needs.