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High dynamic range (HDR) can be achieved by using direct-lit miniLED backlight. While normal backlight without any local dimming, dark scenes would be a little of gray tones instead of true black. Mini-LED technology can divide more dimming blocks in a certain size LED backlight to achieve high peak brightness and excellent dark state. This type of TV has excellent contrast, gorgeous picture quality, rich colors and true-to-life images that deliver a high-end cinema experience.

Innolux first demonstrated TFT driven active matrix(AM) circuits to drive the miniLED backlight, called "AM miniLED''. This technology can confront OLED's disadvantages including burn-in issues, poor sunlight readability and shorter lifetime. Innolux's AM miniLED not only can be used for any panel sizes but also can realize greater than 5k local dimming zones . The more zones in a backlight, the more precisely illumination can be controlled to enhanced picture quality and show the amazing shadow details. In addition, since the AM miniLED backlight reduces the flashing lights trigger user's eyes, it makes people feel more comfortable. Innolux's AM miniLED can used in TV, automotive monitor displays, gaming monitor, tablet and laptop with high dynamic range (HDR) technology.