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Board of Directors

Board Responsibilities

The Company shall have five to nine directors for a term of three years. The candidates' nomination system is adopted by the Company, the directors shall be elected by shareholders' meeting from the roster of candidates, and he/she may be eligible for re-election. The number of directors shall be decided by the board of directors.

The board of directors of the Company shall direct company strategies, supervise the management, and be responsible to the Company and shareholders. The various procedures and arrangements of its corporate governance system shall ensure that, in exercising its authority, the board of directors complies with laws, regulations, its Articles of Incorporation, and the resolutions of its shareholders meetings as to set up a sound corporate governance system and be committed to protect the interests of stakeholders, and take the sustainable development as the guideline of the operation.

Performance Evaluation

The major resolutions of Board Meeting

Election of Directors

The names, academic backgrounds and experiences of the nominated director candidates are listed below: