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Non-Display Technologies

Innolux’s MEMS Technology

Innolux, with its strong TFT LCD capabilities, determines to accelerate its entrance into non-display fields. Innolux is committed to the development of new sensors which integrate MEMS processing and TFT technology.

MEMS Technology

MEMS sensors are mainly fabricated on CMOS wafers through MEMS, and they drive MEMS or process MEMS to generate signals via the circuits. MEMS on Glass technology realizes large sensing area, drive circuit and multiplexer which MEMS on CMOS requires, using TFT circuit design and processing technology. MEMS on glass is achieved by flexible printed circuit connecting to IC and the system.

MEMS Processing

Can be divided into
(1) Bulk micro-machining
(2) Surface micro-machining
MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) senses physical changes and convert them into electrical signals, or controls electrical signals to produce physical changes. The former application is called a sensor, e.g. speed sensors, gyroscopes, microphones, pressure sensors, infrared sensors; the latter is called an actuator, e.g. ink cartridges, digital micro reflectors, MEMS speakers.