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Introduction to Fingerprint Recognition Technology: Principles of Fingerprint Recognition Using different sensor characteristics, the physical changes produced by the fingerprint can be converted into electrical signals, and the output electrical signals are converted into fingerprint images by signal processing. Technologies are divided into optical, capacitive, thermal and ultrasonic, etc.

Innolux fingerprint recognition technologies

  • The evolution of panel manufacturing
  • A new type of fingerprint sensor integration sensing and TFT driving technology
  • Technical description
  • I. Optical type : By using the difference of light reflection signal between ridge and valley

  • II. Capacitive : By using the difference of mutual capacitance value between ridge and valley

  • III. Thermal type : By using heat transfer difference between ridge and valley

Technical Features

  • Active matrix technology

    .Low power consumption, narrow bezel & high signal to noise ratio (SNR)

  • Large area

    .Break through the limitation of traditional silicon wafer manufacturing area (G3.5 glass substrate: 620mm*750mm)
    .Exceed the limit of single-point sensor detection range

  • Flexible, thin and light

    .Flexible plastic substrate can be used

  • Mass production

    .Innolux covers all generations of TFT production line capacity and complete supply chain