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Brief of 2022 Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation

Advanced strategies to protect intellectual property guarantee superior competitiveness. Focusing on strengthening the superior position, Innolux has formulated intellectual property strategies based on the company's operational goals and R&D resources. In terms of patent policy, Innolux has addressed some key directions to create a patent managing frame. This policy includes the arrangement of strategic patent, classes of patent-related training, review of the patent proposals, evaluation of post-granted patents and activation of patent pools, as well as the patent management system. Incorporating those solutions into offensive patent strategy, Innolux finds our innovative way. Innolux has been granted 12,200 patents worldwide until now and has passed the 2022 TIPS A certification of Taiwan's intellectual property management system on 2022/11/4. The certificate is valid until 2023/12/31. For actual information, please refer to the official website of the TIPS,, TIPS verification list.pdf.

As for the protections of trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, Innolux actively keeps an eye on the examination and strategy of trademarks in accordance of the management regulations. We have been issued 116 trademarks worldwide up to now. On the other hand, we set up an overall protection frame to regulate trade secrets and copyrights, and further extending to each intellectual property rights. Through these kinds of implementations, Innolux can organize and combine the resources of the intellectual property more efficiently to further reinforce Innolux’ position in the market.

“Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation in 2022“ has been reported to Board of Directors in 2023-Q1.

Intellectual Property Policy of Innolux

1. Strengthen key technology patent applications.

2. Attach great importance to the protection of research and development ideas.

3. Effective the commercial use of intellectual property.

4. Strengthen staff training on the knowledge of intellectual property.

5. Strengthen the management of intellectual property portfolio.