Release Date:03/22/2021

Innolux Premieres Smart LC Window for Non-display market

<March 22, 2021> Innolux is taking part in 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center during March 23 to 26. Smart LC Window in the forms of Smart Light Control Window and Projection Window will be premiered to demonstrate the exhibition theme, Make Your Life Smarter with Innolux Smart Windows. Innolux will continue its dual-transformation to accelerate the development in the non-display market.
Smart window for intelligent living

The integration of IoT and AI brings smart city development to a new level. Applied Market Research estimated the market of smart window would hit US$ 6.86 billion by 2022. Innolux showcases a Smart Light Control Window manufactured by its exclusive TFT and glass integration technology featuring <1s response rate, wide range of transmittance rate (0.5%~70%), energy saving (significance varies with environmental condition), natural daylight, no color cast, and limitless in size. With the help of smart sensor and IoT, the level of light transparency could be adjusted freely. The technology could be applied on a wide variety of products including large French windows, Venetian Blind, and automotive products. It could be tailored-made to fit customer’s unique requirements in high-end markets like Class A commercial building, airport, smart home, and smart glasses.
Novelty for new business

Projection Window features Innolux’s exclusive smart film to quickly flip between transparent and translucent modes for projection and privacy need. It is ideal for business projector and glass partition in office, and would be perfect for large-size display like advertisement on building, Class A commercial building and department store window in the future.
Innolux grows together with the industry to provide value-added products. Smart LC Window serves as a new go in non-display business and a new idea in smart building because of its properties of heat-proof, energy-saving, and natural light exposure to help mitigate global warming and attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ” said James Yang, President of Innolux Corporation.
2021 Smart City Summit & Expo
Date: 2021/3/23 (Tue) -3/26 (Fri)
Venue: 1F. Hall 2, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Booth no.: Q1211 (zone Q) Innolux Corporation

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