Release Date:03/03/2021

Innolux attained a positive net income in 2020

< March 3, 2021> Innolux Corporation (3481.TW) holds 2021 first half investor meeting with 4Q20 net profit of NT$ 10.1 billion, the operating margin and net margin achieved 12.9% and 13.0%, respectively.  2020 annual net profit amounted to NT$ 1.6 billion, turned profitable.
The trend and opportunities in post-pandemic era

  Innolux was advantaged by the heavier reliance on IT products due to the change brought by COVID-19.  Considering the tight supply chain, panel will still in short supply in 2021.
  Mr. Jim Hung, Chairman and CEO of Innolux, said that Innolux sustained the economic downturn and industry competition and attained a positive net income in 2020.  The outlook for panel industry was still be challenging.  Innolux would keep dedicating to technology innovation and maximize the profit.  The forecast for 2021 would be cautiously optimistic.  A fundamental transformation was undergoing in panel industry amid the post-pandemic and blooming 5G.  Innolux would continue the strategy of Grow and Advance to grab the opportunities and provide flexible solutions to customers.
Integrated large-size display for high-end automotive brand

  Innolux is a founding member of the automotive display supply chain with its exclusive technology.  The integrated large-size display with miniLED backlight allows immersive experience and intensifies Innolux’s  incomparability in luxury and flagship models.  Future cockpit and digital data integration will be the next shot.
Kick start non-display business- Liquid Crystal Meta-Surface Antenna and X-ray flat panel detector.  

  Innolux launched non-display business with Liquid Crystal Meta-Surface Antenna and entered into medical diagnostic application with top 1 market share X-ray flat panel detector to optimize company value and human well-being.
  Mr. James Yang, President of Innolux, said that Innolux demonstrated a successful model in smart manufacturing, digital transformation and dual transformation based on the headway in automation.  The automatic production lines were established for TV assembly to improve cost efficiency and secure productivity amid pandemic.  Digital transformation was realized in daily management to optimize the organization management and production.  Dual transformation synergized inherent advantages and borderless flexibility to fuel the industry with new markets.  Innolux utilized big data and AI to connect front-end and back-end factories to multiply the capacity.
  In 2021, Innolux will continue to realize the strategy of Grow and Advance to enhance technology and product development.  Diversified tracks including non-display business, high-end automotive display, and smart medical application are on the way to stretch the leadership in panel industry.

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