Release Date:09/10/2019

Innolux Automotive and Avionics continues to invest in next generation automotive user experiences

<Frankfurt, 10 September 2019, for immediate release> Innolux Automotive and Avionics progress the implementation of its four pillars of innovation for next generation automotive displays. As autonomous- drive vehicles become reality, the driver will have time to do other things while on the road. Innolux’ novel automotive displays strongly contribute to new user experiences, such as watching a full screen movie, social media, gaming and shopping.
The four pillars support these applications and draw on the elements Image, Interaction, Integration and Industrialization. The result is a large, high performance automotive display, paired with touch input and integrated in the OEM’s dashboard following the brand specific industrial design language such as organic shapes and curved surfaces. The last pillar, industrialization, is implemented through a new manufacturing environment to produce these large automotive displays.
“Innolux believes it has the innovation and investment to enhance the living room environment in the car” says Lucien van Riel, President Innolux Europe B.V. “As the cockpit display grows in size, it will be the first thing you notice when you step into a new car. By enabling the industrial designers to seamlessly integrate large size displays, we step away from the existing dull ‘black square and flat’ automotive displays that are so typical in today’s car interiors. When it comes to delivering digital content to the user, size is a big factor in the user experience. Therefore our new motto is ‘there is no substitute for square inches!’ he says, and last but not least, we focus on enabling novel ways to generate user inputs to the car. Imagine typing a twitter message on today’s navigation screen. We make such experiences simple and convenient.

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