Release Date:03/05/2019

Innolux recruits hundreds key talents for next- generation display

<March 5, 2019, Jhunan > In the ever-changing industry, Innolux identifies market opportunities and strengthens its high-end technology arm force.  Innolux aims at experienced and campus potential rookies, and provides competitive salary and diverse benefits.
Given the focus on 8K+5G+AI ecosystem, Innolux cultivates forward-looking technologies such as miniLED, 3D touch sensing, Super High Resolution Display, and multi-applications such as VR, automotive car, public information display, Industrial Internet and so on. Innolux established innovation platform to nurture new ventures and key talents. We launch Tulip Project to encourage employees to station in Europe, to learn the integration of automotive cars and 5G Internet of Things technologies, and to promote the development of new business projects. Innolux believes that key talents and technologies are critical to its "diversified, platform-based, value-added" business goal.
Innolux is the first of the high-tech industry to provide a "corporate degree course", and offers the colleagues to study a master's degree in Europe during tenure. Through the corporate degree course, the colleagues can improve their self-learning ability, and complete the internship credits required in the vicinity of the group's overseas bases. The group's overseas technical professional team can serve as the corporate mentor, so that colleagues can gain self-challenge in the career. In addition, Innolux is taking advantage of the new manufacturing opportunity to adjust its operational physique with AI, cultivate big data and data scientist professionals, and construct an important intelligent project for the panel IoT.
Innolux sets up interview booth at top five leading universities.  It is expected that 500 new engineers will be recruited in 2019. Innolux provides competitive package for freshmen: NT$38,000 for bachelors, NT$ 48,000 for masters and NT$61,000 for doctoral degree.  The performance bonus is determined by the business unit and individual performance.  Innolux values talents and provides flexible promotion channels and high-end RD resources to boost company growth.

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