Release Date:01/08/2019

From Panel to Channel Innolux New Display Marching to US Retails

<Jan 7 1600, Los Angeles, US>  Taiwan flat panel maker Innolux Corporation), connects O2O software and hardware supply chain to join the new retail and meet the global trend of Retail 4.0. With its solid product manufacturing ability, Innolux provides a one-stop new retail solution to physical retailer and e-commerce channel. TAITRA teamed up with Taiwan's panel makers ,Innolux and the supply chain, to create a "Taiwan Smart Retail " at the World's Largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 8-12, drawing the attention of US retail channels and e-commerce channel buyers.
James Yang, President of Innolux, said that the New Retail trend has swept the world, and the integration of high-tech smart screens and human-machine interface systems is an important key to the new retail upgrade. Innolux , incorporated with Family Market created Smart eShop in Tainan in August 2018. The store using more than 200 displays, introducing self-checkout and IoT device monitoring, and using a variety of Innolux's electronic screens, electronic billboards, refrigerator transparent screens, etc. has now widely adopted at Family mart in South Taiwan .
President Yang pointed out that Innolux’s exclusive 23.1-inch e-shelf display acts as a platform vehicle for  software integration, image recognition and big data flow analysis. With solid 6-month sales tracks at 20 Family Mart experiment stores, data shows that new display with precise marketing increased 60% sales. Beyond that, new display helps not only reduce the clerk's labor service, but in the future, it is possible to empower the frontline for customer service to make an innovative integration of electronic labels and online advertising.
Affected by the trade war, US retailers have been making last-ditch efforts to get consumers to open their wallets for the holidays, repeating Black Friday-type promotions. A brick-and-mortar presence is all but a must to raise the awareness for digital-native brands and give their online sales a lift. Amazon's Walk out as well as Amazon 4 Star has proven it. Amazon's embrace of virtual technology has pushed Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Macy’s and IKEA to move forward and to open new retail stores in New York City.  It is foreseeable in 2019, the US retail will be reshaped faster than ever.
President Yang said New Retail trend in China and US is exceeding expectations. Innolux shall grab this promising business. In addition to 23.1-inch strip screen, Innolux also develops full range of 50, 60, 90-cm, suitable for pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarket, boutique or any kind of unmanned store. President Yang emphasized that Innolux aims at “From Panel to Channel” and integrates solution ecosystem to realize New Retail trend.

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