Release Date:12/05/2017

Innolux 100”high brightness PID honored Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2017

 Innolux leads the trend of global ultra high resolution/large size panel market. The 100” high brightness PID module was honored the 26th Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2017 which is regarded as the most credible national award. Five other products, 50” Mega-Zone display module, 21.5” adjustable privacy display, 15.6” zero color cast and low blue light display, 10.1” all-in-one smart touch display and 6”high brightness, bezel-less full-screen display module were also awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award.
Chihfan Ting, Manager of TV BU of Innolux said, “Innolux devotes to the development of niche product (high profit and high growth). PID could consume a lot of panel capacity and increase the revenue and profit. PID was on its owned identified as one category out of the 13 display applications in October this year to reflect its commercial potential.”
Innolux in September premiered its world’s first 100” high brightness quantum dot public display module which adopts ultra-high-penetration photo-resist, dynamic local dimming, high color saturation LED, quantum dot and the latest high-speed display driver IC. This makes the product feature ultra-high brightness (1200 nits), high 4K2K resolution (3840x2160), high dynamic range, wide viewing angle and blurless fast motion. The image tends to be more delicate, vivid and original. Mr. Ting stated that the visual pleasure of large TV screen could be delivered without joining multiple pieces of small-size panels. It is suitable for commercial use like large advertising screen. This PID product gained a large order from a French customer. The assembly was done in the America and Asia instead of joining 4 pieces of 55” panels. The product can provide ultra-wide viewing experience for the audiences.
Innolux’s 100” high brightness quantum dot PID had been awarded Display Component Technology Award of Gold Panel Awards 2017 in September. The same product was honored by Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2017 to ignite the panel technology power of Taiwan.
The other five products honored Taiwan Excellence Award included:
Innolux 50”Mega-Zone display module
Innolux overcame the bottleneck in manufacture process.  With the support of pixel size local dimming and 1,000,000:1 static contrast, the darkness of night scene could be truly delivered without halo even in dim environment. The visual experience is comparable to self-emissive display like OLED.
21.5” adjustable privacy display to upgrade information security
Innolux’s 21.5” adjustable privacy display worked without extra screen mounted, viewing angle could be switched between sharing mode and privacy mode on the panel anytime. This function protects the confidentiality of business and government field and upgrades the information security for the user who emphasizes privacy.
15.6”high speed, low blue light, zero color cast gaming display amuses the gamer
Marketing research indicated the growth of global gaming display in the H1 of 2017 hit 350% YoY to become 110 million pieces. To respond to the continuous growth of global gaming market, Innolux develops a couple of monitor and notebook displays especially for gaming. The word’s first low blue light, zero color cast 15.6” notebook gaming display adopts Innolux’s patented LED IC to reduce 70% of blue light without yellow color cast, which is commonly seen on other low blue light products, to render a more original and realistic image.  The product passed the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Testing Standard and is proved to be effective in relieving eye strain brought by intensive screen time.
World’s largest 10.1” Touch in Display (TID) module
Innolux premiered the world’s largest 10.1” Touch in Display (TID) which adopted self-capacitance design rather than traditional mutual-capacitance to provide more sensing channels. It could improve touch resolution and compatible with 2mm passive pen. The touch circuit board was embedded in the LCD driver IC to save the installation of back-end IC and FPCB to make the product lighter, cost-effective and more sensitive.
World’s first 6”bezel-less, high screen-to-body ratio, optimized system integration cell phone module
High screen-to-body ratio is the trend of smart phone which brings bigger visual enjoyment with the same size of device. Innolux’s world’s first bezel-less 5.99” 18:9 wide color gamut cell phone touch panel adopts bezel-less and high screen-to-body ratio design. Through high color gamut photoresist, minimal driver circuit, precise frame adhesive and segment, and unique CG outlook design to achieve apparent bezel-less style. The minimal module size, optimized display area, ultra thin and light specification, advanced touch function, and DCI-P3 wide color gamut 18:9 panel compose a sophisticated product with reasonable cost.
The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award was held by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. A total of 578 companies and 1209 products participated in the competition. There were 503 products from 226 companies were selected and 30 products were eligible for the final round of Taiwan Excellence Gold/Silver Award selection.

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