Panel Size Evolution

Panel Size Evolution

The advancement of digital technology has been followed by the introduction of a number of new digital-application products that are bringing new standards of convenience and entertainment to daily living. All digital electronics need a display interface to present content and functionality to users. The display interface has become the focus of intense development and several new types of related technology are now vying for the dominant spot on the market. Industry players have committed significant resources to the development of new technology and applications with the aim of further enhancing our visual experience.

The development of Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCDs) has allowed for a much wider display interface and color with much higher resolution. The different generations of TFT-LCD technology are defined by the size of the glass substrate used in production. Ever increasing demand for large-size panels means that the newer the generation of production, the larger the substrate measurements, which allow manufacturers to cut a greater number of large-size panels, in effect lowering costs and improving economic returns.


Substrate Generation Sizes (Diagram 1)


Substrate Generation Sizes (Diagram 2)