Focus 1 - Transparency
Transparency is the key in diseases prevention

Epidemic Prevention Team was established on Jan 26, right after the outbreak of coronavirus diseases. Chairman and President held regular meeting to review various prevention measures to ensure employees’ safety. “A letter to employee amid the coronavirus diseases outbreak” was sent to employees to convey the company’s care and assurance of a safe workplace.

  • Epidemic Prevention Team members from various departments to monitor the situation every day
  • “A letter to employee amid the coronavirus diseases outbreak” from Chairman and President
  • Health advertisement: How to prevent infection, About special infectious pneumonia
  • Vaccination subsidy for Taiwanese expatriates
  • Face-mask allocation (expatriates, business trip, fever at work)
  • Fight the diseases together with the government

Focus 2 Workplace environment
Diseases prevention measures

Special measures are arranged in the management of office, business trip and canteen to reduce the risk of cross infection.

  • Suspension of business trip
  • Work-from-home leave and quarantine-leave are offered for employees to comply with various authority monitoring measures.
  • Set up diseases-prevention office for employees during self-health-management period (14-day office ban period) and have urgent need to work in office (upon approval of BU/OU head).
  • General fever: 1 day of Statutory leave; further test needed after medical check: statutory leave until coronavirus test result issued
  • RB route diversion for employees /stationed contractor employees
  • Video/telephone conference instead of in-person meeting, meeting registration system
  • Six month extension for marriage leave application
  • Catering_hand-wash > safe social distance, no talking > one-on-one meal and utensil serving > single seat direction, avoid chatting > no lingering

Focus 3- workplace hygiene
Remove sources of diseases, prevent spread of infection

Disinfection in office, canteen, traffic, and dormitory area to eliminate sources of diseases

  • Office management_ Cover button with plastic sheet, provide alcohol at lobby and lift entrance for public use, strengthen office disinfection frequency, place disinfection mat at entrance, install partition at major meeting rooms
  • Catering_ Provide alcohol at canteen entrance, food counter covered with PVC curtain, single seat direction and safe table distance, separate meal time by route, remove self-service area: soup and utensils provided along with meal, safe waiting line distance (100cm)
  • Traffic_ strengthen shuttle bus disinfection
  • Dormitory_ strengthen disinfection for business-trip room

Focus 4- Self health management
Consolidated collaboration

Comprehensive employee’s health monitoring and contact tracing is the first step of diseases prevention. Infrared body temperature measurement is set at major route in the site. Employees have to report body temperature every day. Relevant measures are translated and explain to foreign workers for their understanding and compliance.

  • Infrared body temperature measurement is set at major route in the site
  • Report body temperature by WingHR
  • Employees update Health Declaration form to declare travel and contact history (including family member)
  • Every site performs drill on the scenario of confirmed cases
  • Diseases prevention in office management_ office area (prevention measures in lift-> meeting courtesy -> Cough Courtesy-> hand washing-> personal management
  • Foreign worker (including migrant workers in Taiwan) Translate government material into mother language, strengthen disinfection in dormitory, shuttle bus, mask map

Focus 5-Visitor monitoring
Complete risk containment

Strengthen visitor control and establish outdoor visitor area to prevent infection brought by visitors.

  • Measures applicable to all non-employees (including contractors and visitors) at all entrances
  • Declaration:Fill out health declaration form before visit
    Temperature check:Temperature check before entrance
    Face-mask:Wear face-mask throughout the visit
    Disinfection:Disinfect the hands with alcohol or disinfectant

  • Outdoor area for visitor, outdoor tent, outdoor meeting area, mobile lavatory and smoking area

Focus 6-Global care and support

Coronavirus diseases spread around the planet. Innolux established worldwide strategies to contain the spread.

  • China sites (Ningbo, Foshan, Nanjing, Shanghai): every site performs drill on the scenario of confirmed cases, employees comply with company’s measures, telephone conference instead of in-person meeting

  • Overseas sites (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Netherlands, US, Germany, India): every site performs drill on the scenario of confirmed cases, telephone conference instead of in-person meeting

Innolux care for your health and protect again COVID-19 with you. Please download INX Prevention Manual for your reference