Learning and Development

Learning and Development
Focus on Education and Human Resource Development
Innolux values every employee as an important asset, and provides various channels for training and developing, both in depth and in breadth, the skills and knowledge needed for doing an excellent job and advancing your career. In addition to on-the-job education and job performance reward systems, we offer flexible work transfers and assignments, giving you a say in your career development.
Comprehensive Training and Development
Every Innolux employee is part of the company's short-, mid-, and long-term performance and development plan, featuring “Staff Development Concept Maps” to ensure that our annual training programs are oriented toward balancing employee developmental needs and company operational goals.
【Staff Development Concept Maps】



Efficient Training Programs
Employee Orientation: Helps new employees to become acquainted with the company's organizational structure and work environment, including rewards, benefits, employee support network, and work safety. It also allows new staff to make a quick and smooth transition into their new responsibilities as members of the Innolux team.

Professional Skills Training Courses: Customized to employees' individual background, position, skills and needs, our certified training courses range from basic to advanced and are designed to systematically deepen and broaden our staff's professional knowledge and competence.

Management Skills Training Courses: Carefully designed to improve managerial skills at all levels, our thorough training courses are an effective tool for optimizing administrative and operational synergy, as well as enhancing work efficiency and team performance.