Corporate Social Responsibility


The Innolux Environmental Health and Safety Policy was established and comprehensively developed based on regulations such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and TOSHMS. Corporate safety is elevated through promoting this environmental safety and health system.
Safety, Health and Environment Policies

Innolux Environmental, Safety, and Health (ESH) policy applies to all employees, suppliers, service providers, contractors and all other business partners working along with Innolux Corporation at all operation and business sites, regarding all activities including product production, service provided or logistics services. All parties should respect and comply with the ESH policy at anytime to assure environmental friendliness (including management of waste), and work safety. In the course of business expansions, mergers or acquisitions, due diligence should be conducted in advance to ensure the ESH compliance of potential partners.

Organization Design and Labor Participation

Innolux has created a central coordination unit under the President’s Office to develop the EHS management system and to establish risk management strategies. At the same time, a designated unit has also been set up at each site to be responsible for EHS management. A Safety, Health & Environment Committee at each site holds quarterly meetings with the senior site executive, representatives of competent authorities, and labor representatives to discuss the following:
  • Target projects progress review
  • Internal and external communications
  • EHS management programs
  • Health management
  • Occupational disease prevention and health promotion
  • Performance evaluation of EHS management
In the meetings convened in 2018, 717 attendances were by labor representatives of Taiwan sites and 143 attendances were by labor representatives of Mainland China sites, accounting for approximately 39% and 28% of the total expected attendance of committee members, respectively.
EHS Training

Training is the foundation for the successful promotion and implementation of the EHS management system. Innolux has continued to train staff in general health and safety awareness and professional knowledge and skills. These include emergency response training and drills for the following scenarios:

  • Chemical spills
  • Gas leaks
  • Fire sprinkler system leaks
  • Fires
  • Emergency response team drill for earthquake evacuation
  • Operational accidents in confined spaces
  • Evacuation of disabled employees
  • Gas station leaks
In addition to collaborating with the competent authority to engage in joint disaster prevention and rescue exercises, the Company has also held courses on:
  • Different types of occupational accidents
  • Certification for occupational safety patrol & inspection competence.
  • IR thermal imager inspection training
  • Use and management of protective equipment
  • Human factor hazards and protection
  • Facility and equipment safety
  • Chemical hazards and protection
  • Fire safety management
  • Business continuity planning strategy
  • Prevention of occupational injuries and diseases
  • Health and wellness
  • Traffic safety

In 2018, 4,040 EHS training courses were conducted with 271,695 attendances. On average, each employee attended approximately five training sessions.