Corporate Social Responsibility

Recognizing that employees are the cornerstone of continuous corporate growth, Innolux has always valued the mind-body balance in its employees and has made efforts to build a friendly working environment.
  • Taiwan site has set up a employee welfare committee to establish various welfare systems, hold different recreational activities, promote club activities and build an employee welfare committee website that help employees achieve a work-life balance.
  • The sites in Mainland China have also set up various facilities to help employees achieve mind-body balance to help employees relieve stress from work.
2018 Activities to Balance Mind and Body
Taiwan Sites Satisfaction Rate
Chinese New Year Special Sale 86
Chinese New Year Party 80
Spring Arts Marke 85
Cross-Industry Talent Lectures 90
INX Movie Festival 90
EAT Ethnic Feast 86
Innolux Games 84

Ningbo Site Participants
Family Day 400
Music Festival 6000
Sports Season 1790
Outstanding DL Family Travel 40
Caring for Minority Groups 100

Foshan Site Participants
Family Day 150
Moon Festival Fair 10000
Thanksgiving Month 2500
December-Themed Activity 3500

Shanghai Site Participants
Family Day 100
“Going Green – Starting with Me” DIY Canvas Bags 100

Nanjing Site Participants
Chinese Valentine’s Day and Dragon
Boat Festival Activity
Moon Festival Party 6300
Green Innolux Makes
You and Me Healthy

Vibrant Clubs
In 2018, there were 34 clubs at Taiwan sites and 18 at Mainland China sites. These clubs provide opportunities for members to exercise, relieve stress and share interests, helping them improve their mental and physical health as well as contributing to creating energetic and happy work environments.
Club Activity Highlights in 2018
34 Clubs at Taiwan Sites

Southern Site Volleyball Club
Placed first in the 2018 Southern Taiwan Science Park Volleyball Cup

Northern Site Iron Man Club
Placed second in the Individual Category of the Sun Moon Lake Round-the-Lake Race

  9 Clubs at the Ningbo Site

Soccer Club
Placed eighth in the 6th Energetic Xiaogang Soccer Tournament

Basketball Club
Placed second in the Ningbo Bonded Area Joint Government-Enterprise Basketball Tournament

9 Club at the Foshan Site

Dance Club
Placed second in the Jazz Dance Category of the 2nd Youth π event in 2018

Badminton Club
Place fourth in the Group Category, of the 7th Shishan Town Enterprise Games 2018