Corporate Social Responsibility

Daily Life Care

Occupational Health Risk Management

In 2018, 1,644 employees at Taiwan sites were placed under special physical and regular special health examination management. In the same year, 6,274 people at Mainland China sites underwent occupational health examinations. In addition, various measures were taken according to the relevant regulations to control hazardous posts or work stations and reduce hazards to employees’ health to achieve the annual target of zero occupational disease occurrences. From 2015 to 2018, the occupational disease rate (ODR) at Innolux remains at zero.

Mental Health Management and Awareness

To provide a stress-free, safe, and healthy work environment, Innolux has been promoting workplace mental health and employee counseling services since 1993 and has established a mental health management system in accordance with the “3-levels and 5-stages” concept of disease prevention.

Primary prevention involves mental health education and awareness activities. In 2018, 17 sessions of health lectures were held. The “Mental Health Guardian” suicide prevention course is given to line managers. So far, the Company has trained 1,817 people.
Secondary prevention is the mental health screening questionnaire administered each year. In 2018, 51,782 people were screened; 395 people with mid- to high-level risks were interviewed and follow-ups were conducted on 27 of them.
Tertiary prevention is to follow-up on individuals with high mental health risks or mental diseases. Follow-ups were conducted on 536 people in 2018.

Management of Health Hazards and Risks to Working Mothers and Resulting from Excessive Workloads
To safeguard the welfare and health of all female employees, Innolux takes the influence of gender differences and pregnancy on health risks into consideration and has adopted the following measures to protect and manage maternal health:
1.Acting in accordance with the local labor law of each site, Innolux implemented the policy of issuing subsidy for unpaid maternity leaves and enforcing employees’ right to post-delivery maternity leave and parental leave. In 2018 We carried out a maternal health risk assessment on 589 female employees who are pregnant or within one year postpartum.
2.Health instructions on pregnancy and breastfeeding are provided for pregnant employees, along with rest facilities and lactation rooms. 
To prevent occupational cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, the Taiwan sites act in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and analyze the annual health examination reports. In 2018, individualized health management measures were taken with 525 individuals of medium-level risk and 23 individuals of high-level risks.

2018 Self-Health Management and Healthy Environment Building
In 2018, 25,874 employees at Taiwan sites and 57,786 employees at Mainland China sites underwent health checkup, resulting in a near 99 percent participation rate.
The Company had performed 28,132 cancer screening tests in 2018 to facilitate the early detection and treatment of diseases. Abnormality counseling and health instructions are also provided after health checkup and cancer screening.
In 2018, 1,064 people agreed to the administrative follow-up by professional health center personnel and 252 people were referred to receive individual counseling from physicians.
In 2018, company-held health lectures received a total attendance of 4,935; the Zhunan site held a weight loss competition, helping 206 employees successfully lose a total of 496.8 kg and was awarded the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace – Smokefree & Health Promotion by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
In 2018, Innolux installed the network and mobile version of the H2U Health Bank system. Through IoT this system allows employees to organize integrated personal health information and they are able to perform instant, convenient and comprehensive health management