Social Care

Policy Integration of corporate social responsibility with business strategies to increase synergy in sustainable management
Commitment Adopting “care and empowerment” as the theme to help underprivileged groups to be independent so as to form a co-prosperous consuming system and exercise corporate influence to drive society forward
Action Integration of the Company’s core competencies with the resources of the Innolux Education Foundation to help physically disabled people and underprivileged people in rural areas whilst also improving ecological and environmental education
Innolux referred to the community investment evaluation model of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) in the quantification of its investment in social charity work and concretely presented the social participation of the Company and its achievements.

Social Charity Work in 2018 – by activity type (Unit: NTD)
Type of Activity Description Amount Invested Percentage
Air pollution fighting project, Innolux EMSP overseas scholarship program 22,620,132 72.53%
2018 Christmas Dreams Come True activity, Heartwarming Breakfast activity, Endemic Site
Guided Tours Program etc.
8,280,683 26.55%
Charitable donation, sponsorship to charity organizations, other donations 287,881 0.92%
Total 31,188,696 100%

Social Charity Work in 2018 – by type of contribution (Unit: NTD)
Type of Contribution Total amount (in NTD)
Cash contributions 26,518,078
Time contributions 278,000
In-kind contributions 1,075,415
Management costs 3,317,203
Total 31,188,696

Time Contributions Invested in Social Charity Work by Employees in 2018
Time Contributions Invested in Social Charity Work by Employees Number of Hours
Time of service
(during work time or paid by the company)
Time of service (after work) 310
Total 1,422
*Time contributions: The time of service performed during work time or paid by the company is converted according to the amount employees are paid by the Company.
Time contributions* invested in social charity work by employees totaled 1,422 hours
**Time contributions include time of service performed during work time or paid by the company and conducted after work by employees to participate in the company’ social charity work.

Cooperation with Family Support Centers to Empower Underprivileged Groups
Through the continuing collaboration with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), FamilyMart and 85°C Bakery Café, Innolux has set up TFCF-FamilyMart Convenience Stores and TFCF-85°C Charitable Shops to train economically underprivileged individuals, Innolux also provided 18 job openings in 2018, which brings the total number of job openings provided since 2013 up to 113.

“Christmas Wishes – Boundless Love and Care” – the Christmas Dreams Come True Activity
In 2018, Innolux mobilized its employees and worked with the World Peace Organization to secure Christmas presents for schoolchildren of underprivileged families in rural areas. The presents were delivered to the schoolchildren before Christmas Eve to make their Christmas dreams come true.
In 2018, Innolux employees were able to secure another 1,300 Christmas presents. The presents secured were donated to the World Peace Organization to be given to around 1,300 schoolchildren at 35 elementary schools in Miaoli and Tainan. Between 2017 and 2018, Innolux secured 3,114 Christmas presents in total and gave them to 104 elementary schools in Miaoli and Tainan

“Heartwarming Breakfast” Fundraising Activity
Since 2015, Innolux has participated in the Love and Care Month event organized by the Southern Taiwan Science Park and continued to help with the medical care and stable meals needs of schoolchildren from underprivileged families around the science park.
Innolux realized breakfast was still a problem. Therefore, we launched the “Heartwarming Breakfast” fundraising event and for two years in a row has raised funds to provide breakfast for underprivileged schoolchildren. The funds raised by the early 2018 totaled NT$815,977. Based on an average of NT$4,000 per child per semester, the fundraised amount was able to provide breakfast for 204 schoolchildren in Miaoli and Tainan for one semester. As of the end of 2018, the fund-raising events held in the two consecutive years has raised a total of NT$5,030,977, providing one semester’s worth of breakfast for 1,258 schoolchildren in Miaoli and Tainan.

“Relay of Effort to Care for the Elderly” – Visits to Nursing Homes during the Moon Festival and Chinese New Year
Since 2014, the Ningbo Site has implemented retirement home visits on the two major traditional holidays, the Chinese New Year and the Moon festival. As of 2018, 303 visits had been paid to isolated elderly people on the Moon festival and 497 visits during the Chinese New Year. The Ningbo Site hopes to continue to care for elderly people and fulfill its corporate social responsibility to raise social awareness for isolated elderly people.

“Doing Charity Work Hand in Hand – Love and Care with No Frontiers” disabled care charity event
The Shanghai Site took action again to care for disabled children and donated to the Guangci Disabled Children’s Home’s daily necessities and ingredients the children needed to make and sell cookies. The donations improved the quality of life of the children and also helped them achieve the goal of becoming independent.