Training and Development

Based on the “value-added, diversified, and platform-based” key strategic directions and “foundation consolidation, efficiency enhancement, and growth promotion” goals, we emphasize value-added professional training for employees, with focus on management competence, language courses, and learning platform extension, to improve the interdisciplinary competence of employees.

Statistics of Training and Education

By Employee Category
 Average Training Time (hours)
Management Personnel (section and above) IDLs DLs
Female Male Female Male Female Male
TW 14.8 20.5 14.9 20.1 2.8 4.8
NGB 11.3 9.2 14.7 20.7 2.6 3.1
FS 18.6 19.3 12.7 15.1 3.5 3.7
NJ 12.0 10.3 14.6 16.9 4.9 5.8
SH 10.5 13.4 13.3 17.4 2.9 5.5
By Course Category
Orientation Training 3,211 4,485 2,247 2,144 396
Management Training 11,442 2205 2856 894 339
Instructor Training 104 0 69 11 0
Team/Line Foreman Training 62 62 2221 337 30
Policy Courses 52,613 12,233 9,007 3,619 1145
Other Training 89,969 6,847 30,672 6,129 1,665

Features of Courses in 2019
Entrepreneurship Development and Startup Team Consensus
To develop “creative thinking, innovative attempts, and entrepreneurial spirit” in employees, we invited experts to share related practical experience at the related talks for employees to understand more about innovation and entrepreneurship, hoping to stimulate the entrepreneurial potential in employees, stimulate innovative attempts, inspire entrepreneurial spirit, and broaden the entrepreneurial view of employees through different ways of thinking. 191 employees participated in the entrepreneurship development talks and 32 employees participated in the startup team consensus camps.

INX 4.0 Big Data AI Talent Training Course
20Continuing the after-effect of Industrial 4.0 transformation and the trend of AI automation, we organized courses including big data knowledge fundamental training (programming language course) and INX practical training (plant practice program) to train talents for INX 4.0 Big Data AI, in order to develop interdisciplinary system development and operation talents for enhancing “coding competency, data analysis competency, and competency in image recognition and processing analysis application” to achieve Innolux’s transformation toward smart manufacturing for connection with the INX4.0 smart program.

INX4.0 Internship Program (Innolux Academy))
In 2019 we continued industry-academia collaboration with various universities of technology. Under the existing “Innolux Academy” framework, we provide internship opportunities, arrange mentors, plan and offer practical courses, and provide machines and equipment to cultivate professionals for automation through integrated practical courses and internship programs. Upholding campus talents development, we offer summer internship programs and collaborative research to achieve seamless education-employment connection and make learning is practice and graduation is employment a reality.

Management Courses
To enhance the management knowledge and leadership skills of the management team, we organized training courses according to the “Innolux Supervisor Certification Roadmap” for supervisors to understand the fundamental knowledge, attitude, and competence of supervisors. Since July 2019, we began to distribute the i-Management: Leadership UP e-Newsletter every month to provide supervisors with information for management and leadership development to create a work environment for learning and growth together. In 2019, the participation of supervisor management program was 348 person-times.