Corporate Social Responsibility

Talent Development

Policy Adopting value creation, diversification and platformization as key strategic directions to cultivate crossover talent with outstanding professional and managerial capacities.
Commitment Adhering to the concept of “talent being the corner stone of corporate development” and promoting courses for various types of certification to upgrade the professional capacities of employees.
Action  • Developing “employees’ sense of constantly wanting to develop their skills and expertise by providing training in accordance with the abilities needed for their position.
 • Improving the knowledge of all employees regarding the concepts associated with INX 4.0 and the Internet of Things and assuring they can apply what they have learned at work.

Development and Management of Employee Certification

In 2018, Innolux added the key strategic directions of “value creation, diversification and platformization to understand organizational needs, place emphasis on value creating personnel training and continue to value management capacity training and language course promotion. This is in order to enhance the language abilities and professional knowledge and skills of employees, cultivate interdisciplinary talent with the capacities for research & development; it also aims improve production, manufacturing, quality improvement, and management. By doing so, the Company hoped to enhance employees’ per capita output value and reinforce overall organizational competitiveness as a response to efforts invested in artificial intelligence and consolidation of interdisciplinary talents following the Industry 4.0 transformation.
Statistics on Training Programs Conducted in 2018
By Employee Type Average Training Hours Management
(Section Chiefs and above)
Indirect Labors Direct Labors
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Taiwan 18.4 21.9 20.5 21.2 1.6 4.3
Ningbo 18.6 19.2 8.6 8.9 3.1 3.6
Foshan 13.5 24.2 11.9 12.1 4.7 5.3
Nanjing 15.6 27.3 16.1 17.3 4.8 4.4
Shanghai 17.2 35.0 16.7 24.4 3.7 7.9
By Course Type Number of Trainees Taiwan Ningbo Foshan Nanjing Shanghai
New employee training 2,160 31,132 32,997 16,781 7,141
Management training 401 1395 790.78 324 0
Lecturer training 121 42.5 76.5 124.5 97.5
Subsection chief and production line foreman training 101 2823.5 902 840 36
Policy courses 75,776 6,959 9,772 5,880 1425.51
Other training 88,999 12,904 16,834 9,878 5,570
Language Courses
Innolux has adopted value creation, diversification and platformization as its key strategic directions. In addition to cultivating professional skills, the Company also makes efforts to add value to employees’capabilities. English classes are promoted to train employees to learn to use the vocabulary they know, whereas INX work scenarios are applied for employees to practice and integrate learning and application.
Management Courses
Innolux organizes management courses in accordance with the INX Management Certification Blueprint to improve the overall administrative capacity, knowledge, and the overall soft power of the management team. Managers are guided to understand the basic knowledge, attitude and capacity a manager should have and they also learn to take responsibility and lead their teams to accomplish the Company’s objectives.