Recruitment and Staffing
Innolux’s goal is to employ qualified personnel to facilitate the overall business performance. The company cares about diversity and equal opportunities. Innolux does not tolerate employment discrimination based on race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, and marital status or otherwise.
External Talent Attraction
In 2017 we recruited 32,581 people in Taiwan, 27,342 people in China, and 269 people overseas, totaling 60,192 employees.Recruitment channels in Taiwan included “Physical” and “SNS” channels. Physical channels included the Campus Cultivation Program in which face-to-face recruitments were conducted on-campus, R&D substitute military service, internships, and scholarship programs. Apart from raising the standard of new employees, this can bridge the education-to-employment gap to create a win-win situation between the industry and the academia. Moreover, industry-academia partnerships can enrich the practical skills of students and enable them to connect with the industry earlier.
We also organized large “INX Innovation: Upward Looking, Forward Looking and Outward Looking Talents Interview outside the organization to improve INX’s brand image and recruit experienced outstanding talents.
In addition to continuingly hiring people with disabilities, we recruit outstanding talents through the R&D substitute military service in collaboration with the government. In 2017 we successfully recruited 60 substitute draftees.In SNS channels, we interact with jobseekers through platforms like Linkedin and Facebook to improve their preference to INX and recruit overseas talents. In 2017 we recruited 1,000 people from SNSes.
Connecting Academic Specialties with Industrial Practice
At INX, we offer job opportunities to interns after graduation and actively collaborate with vocational-technical (voc-tech) schools. In addition, we offer internship opportunities for students from STUST, KSU, and KYU to create seamless connection channels for students to accumulate workplace experience earlier. We have also designed the “Advance employment system” for students passing the assessment to work at their internship unit after graduation. Apart from earning the graduation-employment competitiveness, the system enables us to cultivate stable talents for long-term use.
INX Scholarship
To encourage outstanding students to engage in panel R&D in Taiwan, we offer grants and scholarships for postgraduate students specialized in science and engineering and the overseas study scholarship for the EMSP Program of National Taiwan University, hoping to help cultivate display and imaging professionals in Taiwan.
Internal Talent Circulation
  • Vacancy Match Platform: By matching internal talents with the duty requirements, we match talents and vacancies with the internal talent pool to shorten internal vacancy matching time and fulfill the talent demand of hiring units.
  • Real-Time Vacancy Information: Apart from allowing employees to actively recommend themselves to promote internal talent circulation, this mechanism offers employees more opportunities for career development to achieve the organizational goal for talent retention and the right place for the right person.
China Sites
INX Foshan chiefly recruits DLs through internal recruitment with rate increasing from 36% to 45%. INX Ningbo chiefly recruits DLs through internal recruitment, including back employment, internal recommendation, and in house recruitment. INX Shanghai recruits talents through comprehensive channels, including inhouse recruitment, internal recommendation, and various recruitment campaigns.
Respect for Human Rights
INX Human Rights Policy
With respect to Article 3 of the Innolux Code of Conduct: Respect for human rights is a universal value. When facing employees, customers, suppliers and society across the world, we maintain fair treatment for employees and respect for individual differences in accordance with the UN Global Impact.
1.Compliance with the International Labor Standards We establish a corporate culture with equal opportunities in accordance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organization, the BRA (formerly EICC) Principles on Business and Human Rights, and local laws and regulations.
2.Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination We maintain diversity and equal opportunity and will not engage in discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, or marital status in hiring and employment practices.
3.Ban of inhumane treatment and harassment At INX, we ensure no harsh and inhumane treatment including any sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of workers; nor is there to be the threat of any such treatment.
We also provide a grievance channel (employee care email: 67885.HQ@innolux.com) for employees to report issues regarding human rights, labor-management, and sexual harassment. The employee relations unit will accept each complaint and supervise responsible units to handle the case and propose solutions. For complaints of sexual harassment, the Sexual Harassment Committee will review if a complaint is confirmed and punish the parties concerned based on the severity of the offence through resolutions.

Continual Assessment and Improvement
  • Every quarter we identify labor rights regulations and assess the applicability and compliance for regulations applicable to INX to ensure legal compliance is practiced.
  • Every year we assess human rights risks, identify the impacts of all risks, and propose countermeasures.
  • Before cooperation begins, we request suppliers to sign the Supplier’s Undertaking to define their management of labor human rights and conflict minerals.
  • Every year we survey the management of labor human rights and conflict minerals of key suppliers.
Target Topic Assessment Management Approach 2017 Performance
Employee Work hours Annual CSR internal audit Establishment of a work-hour management system in each plant. The worker score of all plants in the RBA Online SAQ was 95 (out of 100).
Employee Forced labor of foreign workers Annual CSR internal audit All foreign workers sign an employment contract by law in which the benefits, wage, and labor conditions are specified in the native language of foreign workers to ensure no forced labor. No non-conformity with forced labor was reported in 2017.
Employee OH&S Internal audit of related management systems Review the OH&S compliance with OHSAS 18001 and RBA CoC in all plants. 1.All INX plants have passed OHSAS18001 certification. 2.The OH&S score of INX Tainan was 176 (out of 200) in the RBA VAP audit.
Employee Labor-management disputes Annual CSR internal audit We provide a grievance channel (employee care email: 67885.HQ@innolux.com) for employees to report issues regarding human rights, labor-management, and sexual harassment. The employee relations unit will accept each complaint and supervise responsible units to handle the case and propose solutions. In 2017 all complaints on human rights and labor conditions were resolved.
Supplier (1)Conflict minerals (1) Annual conflict minerals inventory (1) Request suppliers to purchase minerals from CFSI-certified smelters or switch minerals purchased not from such smelters. Increased inventory on suppliers in 2017 and inventoried up to 642 suppliers, including 632 compliant makers, i.e. use no 3TG or use only 3TG from certified smelters.
Supplier (2)Work-hour (3)Punitive wage deduction
(2) and (3): Annual supplier CSR risk assessment (2)-(3) Conduct onsite audits on high-risk suppliers, and request those with overtime work and punitive wage deduction to propose related improvement plans. One onsite inspection on high-risk suppliers was conducted in 2017, no overtime work was found but one punitive wage deduction was detected. That supplier was requested to make improvements as proposed.
Human Rights Protection and Care for Foreign Workers
At INX, we value and protect the labor conditions and human rights of foreign workers. Apart from abiding by the RBA CoC and related laws and regulations, we conduct unannounced inspections, annual audits, and annual evaluation on agencies; request agencies to improve the daily care, management quality and equipment maintenance for foreign workers; and stringently review the legal compliance of agencies on the recruitment and management of foreign workers, including
  • Compliance with environmental regulations in Foreign Worker’s Care Service Plan promulgated by WDA.
  • Legal compliance regarding the agency fee, service fee, and other fees charged on foreign workers.
  • Identity documents are kept by foreign workers themselves.
  • Arrangement of complete orientation and cleanroom training for foreign workers prior to work.
  • Implementation of orientation for works to fully understand the work environment and job contents after foreign workers report for duty.
  • Holding regular seminars and offering grievance mechanisms for foreign workers to freely express their opinions.
Retention Effort
  • Interview: Describe the job and ensure job consistency after inauguration to reduce misunderstanding or difference and lower the resignation rate due to inadaptability after inauguration.
  • Inauguration: Correctly introduce the consultation mechanisms of the organization during the orientation for newcomers to quickly understand the overall environment and explain to them the hazards of absenteeism and discharge to guide employees to complete the leave procedures before resignation.
  • Resignation: Enhance care interviews for resigning employees.
In response to the resignation rate after the Spring Festival in China, apart from the retention incentives, we arrange the home return and work return plans, extra meals for the Spring Festival, employee care activities, and year-end dinner parties to retain employees.



Proportion of Female Employees

Year Female Employees in Total Employees Female Supervisors Female Base-Level Supervisors Female Sales Supervisors Female Executives
2016 41.45% 17.44% 16.87% 33.30% 0%
2017 41.63% 17.74% 17.01% 35.14% 0%