Competitive compensation and benefits are key to talent retention. Therefore, we offer market competitive wages to employees. Apart from giving employees a raise, performance bonus, and dividend bonus according to the financial performance, business operations, and employee performance every year, we have established the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) to retain outstanding talents for the long run.
In Taiwan all employees enjoy benefits offered by the company, except when there are special agreements in the employment contracts. In China both DLs and IDLs enjoy the same benefits.

Wage Ratio of the Standard Wage INX Elementary Employees* to Local Minimum Wage
Site Taiwan Ningbo Foshan Nanjing Shanghai
Ratio 1.71 1.26 1.73 1.40 1.34

Note: Elementary employee’s refers to the administrative staff, clerical staff, and technical staff (including engineers and workers).

Insurance Plan

  • Other than basic social insurance, labor, health insurance and labor pension, the employees of the Taiwan site are also covered by group insurance including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and cancer risks from the company. There are also discounted self-paying insurance plans for their spouses, parents and children.
  • The China sites also provide social insurance for their employees, which includes pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, and maternity coverage. In addition to the five insurance programs, China sites also provide employees’ business insurance, in order to provide greater indemnity to employees in the event of illness or accidents.
Work-Life Balance Program

  • In order to maintain employees’ work-life balance, Taiwan sites operate their own paid-leave systems in accordance with local laws and regulations—including marriage leave, pregnancy checkup leave, maternity Leave, paternity Leave, bereavement leave, military leave, occupational sickness leave, official leave and annual leave. Employees may apply for leave based on their individual needs. This will help employees maintain a balance between work and life.
  • The China sites operate their own paid-leave systems in accordance with local laws and regulations—including annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity Leave, pregnancy checkup leave. Employees may apply for leave based on their individual needs.
Parental leave

Every employee served more than half a year in Innolux with child less than 3 years old is qualified to applying for unpaid parental leave, but the leave is two years at most. When parenting two or more children at a same time, twins for example, the years of unpaid parental leave should combine and two-year is still the upper limit. After taking the leave, employees would be assigning to the original position or be guided to a new position.

Complete Pension System and Employee Retirement Arrangements

All DLs enroll to a pension program. We regularly hire external actuarial agents to review the sufficiency of the pension preparation fund. The 2017 actuarial results show that the organizational contribution value is greater than the pension value collected by employees selecting the old pension plan. Therefore, we applied for suspension of contribution.
  • Taiwan: Where the Labor Standards Act applies, apart from reviewing and contributing the pension preparation fund regularly to the Labor Pension Preparation Fund Special Account supervised by the Bank of Taiwan, we have established the Supervisory Committee of Workers’ Pension Preparation Fund and hold committee meetings quarterly. Where the Labor Pension Act applies, we contribute 6% of the insured salary of employees to the employee personal account established by the Bureau of Labor Affairs to fully protect the rights and interest of employees.
  • China: We provide the social insurance (covering pension, medical, unemployment, occupational injuries and birth) and the provident fund to provide employees with living protection after retirement.
2017 Contribution to Labor Pension Fund
Site Taiwan Ningbo Foshan Nanjing Shanghai
6% 14% 13% 19% 20%
0~6% 8% 8% 8% 8%