Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrity and Righteousness as the Foundation of Innolux Management

Integrity and righteousness are the foundation of Innolux management. The company has established the “Innolux Code of Ethics for Directors, Supervisors, and Officers,” the “Innolux Code of Conduct for Employees,” and the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct Operating Standard” as ethical references for the board, supervisors, managers, employees, and suppliers, strictly prohibiting corruption and bribery.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Innolux’s anti-corruption policy is laid out in the Innolux Corporate Social Responsibility Manual, Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for Innolux Corporation, Enforcement Rules for the Innolux Code of Conduct, the Code of Ethics for Directors and Officers, and Innolux Employee Code of Conducts. The policy is regularly displayed on the company website, startup screens, screensavers, and internal posters.
To ensure the Anti-Corruption Policy is implemented, Innolux employees are required to sign a Honesty, Integrity & IP Protection Agreement when joining the Company to raise their anti-corruption awareness.
In addition to internal management measures, Innolux also requests that suppliers sign the Letter of Undertaking and adhere to the Supplier CSR Code of Conduct Operating Standards to ensure that suppliers conform with anti-corruption policy and eliminate all corrupt business practices.

Anti-Corruption Reporting Mailbox

In addition to disclosing the information collected in the Anti-Corruption Reporting Mailbox on the company website and prominently highlighting the mailbox in internal training activities, all relevant information is also clearly laid out in the Letter of Undertaking signed by Innolux’s suppliers. This allows for individuals or organizations outside of the Company to be fully aware of this whistle-blowing channel and encourages them to report corruption. Over several years of vigorous promotion, the mailbox has become a widely-used whistle-blowing channel. It provides a trusting environment where whistle-blowers and the investigation team can work together to fairly and effectively fight corruption.
In 2018, among the 38 closed cases, there was one case concerning corruption. After investigation, the report was deemed to be falsely reported. The remaining cases did not conform with the case recognition criteria stipulated in Innolux Standards for the Investigation and Management of Corruption Incidents