Corporate Social Responsibility

A Message from the Chairman
Year 2016 was not easy for Innolux. In the first half we faced drastic decline in turnover owing to earthquake damage and rising cost. Fortunately, with support and efforts from our colleagues, customers, supply chain partners and investors, Innoulx managed a speedy recovery. The upturn of panel industry in the latter half of year also gave us a boost.
Panel industry is a key strategic material of the country which involves more than 300 process and complicated supply chains. Innolux possess the most complete range of panel and assembly plants of the world. A new strategy has been developed to cope us with the latest industrial trend. The Business Unit (BU) approach management aims to create the best value from the perspective of business. On the other hand, INX 4.0 and automation are also ready to upgrade the manufacturing model to smart factory. Smart office is the ground for the sustainable operation of customization, differentiation and personalization.
Both steady growth and innovation are the keys to Innolux’s development. The upgrade of technology and product are vital to the company’s operation. With our diverse efforts, Innolux was the only panel maker to be the multiple winners of 25th Taiwan Excellence Achievement Award and 25th Taiwan Excellence Gold Award in 2016. We will thrive on new applications with the best strategies and partner with supply chain to invent value-added products and provide satisfying solutions and products.
Innolux is progressing in CSR development with reference to the United Nation’s 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We will reduce environmental impact via the means of circular economy model. The progress in the fields of water-conservation, GHG management, waste reduction, MFCA, chemicals recycling, and supply chain carbon reduction are obvious. And we are heading for a further refinement to realize the approach of a low-carbon company.
To foster talents for company’s sustainable development, Innolux collaborated with local universities to cultivate specialists for automation and R&D. The employment rate of internships from STUST, KSU and KYU achieved 86%. Our efforts in disability employment deployed from Taiwan to China sites. The disability employment rate in Ningbo, Foshan and Nanjing sites outperformed the local requirements.
2017 is a year of innovation to Innolux. With INX 4.0, we are ready to face the challenge of panel industry by leading the product specification and market trend. We will demonstrate a true CSR value together with our stakeholders.