Corporate Social Responsibility

A Message from the Chairman
To our partners who are closely concerned with Innolux’s endeavors towards sustainable development:

The uncertainties brought by tariff war and trade disputes decline the global economic development. Innolux’s vigilance in operation maintained the company a positive cash flow and stable financial status amid the challenging times. Innolux will continue to adjust the operation strategy to achieve the devotion to the economy, employees and their families, and also the community and environment. Mutual complementarity is our goal.
In 2019 Innolux did a great job in sustainable development. In addition to being featured on the DJSI Emerging Market Index for three consecutive years and the DJSI Emerging Market Index for the second year, we won the Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019 Awards and were awarded the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility from CommonWealth Magazine. These domestic and international awards recognizing our efforts enable stakeholders to see our achievements in pursuing sustainable development and empower us to realize sustainable development.

To build an eco-friendly green factory and supply chain has always been Innolux’s ultimate mission. By constantly implementing GHG reduction and water conservation, we practice green and low-carbon production as the routine. To strengthen our commitment to sustainable development, we vow to challenge the reduction of GHG emissions to below 30% of the 2016 emissions and the conservation of water at 30% higher than the 2016 performance in 2025. In addition, we will blend the UN SDGs with the organizational culture and daily operations to demonstrate our action to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In 2019 we continued the “Christmas Wishes” and “Heartwarming Breakfast” fundraisers for three consecutive years. By teaming up with employees, we hope to expand the philanthropy network in social participation and pool in more charitable resources to deepen the philanthropic connections between Innolux and Taiwan’s local communities. The “Fun in Plastics Reduction: Right Act for the Right Thing” is a plastics reduction movement launched by Innolux employees to reduce hazards on the ocean, proving that CSR is not only a far-reaching vision but also an accomplishment of the concerted efforts contributed by every member. A total of 3.2 million pieces of straw, which could around the earth 640 times and were equivalent to 2.5 ton of plastic waste, were saved in a year.
As a result of the deterioration of climate change in the last year, the continuation of the US-China trade war, industrial competitions, and political and economic unrest, 2019 was a challenging year. To stay vigilant, besides developing the capacity in our core business, we establish competitive strengths in the industry with innovative business models and revolutionary technology and activate a three-year plan featuring “consolidating manufacture and securing cost” for the short term, “increasing revenue and win alliances” for the medium term, and “nurturing innovation and cultivating successors” for the long term to create new horizons steadily to realize the vision to enhancing smart display everywhere. In the process, amid the difficult times, we spare no efforts in enhancing operation performances and assuming our CSR by constantly investing energy and labor in environmental, social, and governance (ESG), in order to create a future of common good for all stakeholders, the environment, and society.  
                                                       Jim Hung, Chairman and CEO