Energy Resource Management

Innolux's energy resource management, in addition to daily inspection of electricity consumption and identification of opportunities to reduce energy consumption, save energy through measures such as operation adjustment, control adjustment, equipment update and system integration, in line with national energy laws and international energy conservation and carbon reduction trends Each plant plans to improve the utilization rate of energy resources every year. Through the operation of the plant technical committee and its cross-plant platforms for water, electricity, gasification, and air conditioning, it implements the effective use of energy resources and the recycling of resources. The enterprise's competitiveness is a win-win operation cost and environmental protection.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System Implementation

In response to the development trend of global sustainable energy management, INNOLUX has established the energy management system and mechanism in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 standard in 2019, and established an energy management system in G6 and G8.5 TFT-LCD FAB as model pilot plants, and obtained the third-party ISO 50001 certificate from BSI British Standards Association in May, 2020.
The PCDA of ISO 50001 Energy Management System

To fully demonstrate the importance of energy management, INNOLUX has set up an energy management technical committee as the decision supervision unit who issued energy policies, built energy object and targets, established energy performance indicators, developed and promoted energy action plans to achieve continuous improvement of energy performance based on P-D-C-A continual improvement framework.
INNOLUX will extend ISO 50001 from two model pilot FABs to all TFT-LCD process FABs and the energy management will be integrated with the INNOLUX ESH culture to make contribution to sustainable development in environmental field and mitigation of climate change, and realize social responsibility.
2019 Major Energy Conservation Saving Projects
●Replace the pure water supply Canned Motor pump to a centrifugal pump. (Analysis of the operating efficiency of Canned Pump is only 60% of centrifugal pumps).
●CVD heat preservation and energy saving, due to the analysis that the newly purchased low temperature process CVD new machine is quite different from the old machine, and improve Chamber's heat preservation measures.
●The fan of CDA cooling water tower is changed to frequency conversion.
●Replacement of MAU wet-membrane plate: The wet-membrane plate of the external air conditioning box will increase with the use time, and the growth of microorganisms will affect the pressure loss and humidification efficiency, so it is replaced with a new product with high efficiency.
●CDA Final Filter pressure loss transformation: evaluate the inlet and outlet flange face space, increase the final filter barrel diameter and replace it with a new large flow low pressure loss filter.

Review of Energy Use
(Unit: GJ)
Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Y2018 Y2019
Electricity 17,837,212 18,430,898 19,729,214 19,774,347 20,433,432
Natural gas 460,337.72 442,408.81 471,270.74 508,510 564,093
Diesel 11,316.77 12,286.03 16,754.51 261,094 11,856
Total 18,308,866 18,885,593 20,217,239 20,543,950 21,009,382
Statistics of Electricity Consumption
Electricity Consumption
(Unit: GWh)
Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Y2018 Y2019
Taiwan Site 4,548 4,772 5,109 5,117 5,243
China Site 407 347 371 376 433
Total 4,955 5,120 5,480 5,493 5,676
Power Saving Management Index
Item Y2016 Y2017 Y2018 Y2019
Taiwan Site
Electricity consumption of TFT input substrate(KWh/m2)
70.2 68.8 67.2 70.4
China Site
Electricity consumption per unit output quantity
NGB 1.590 1.252 1.4202 1.57
FS 4.75 4.03 3.39 3.07
NJ 0.435 0.363 0.538 0.452
SH 2.70 4.03 2.486 2.300
Renewable energy
Solar Power Generation
(Unit: kWh)
Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Y2018 Y2019
Taiwan Site 87,038 61,781 62,444 65,470 52,132
China Site 1,211,300 23,160,437 24,852,350 23,788,020 23,938,140
Total 1,298,338 23,222,218 24,914,794 23,853,490 23,990,272