Corporate Social Responsibility

To Earth, with L.O.V.E

Innolux offers free shuttle bus for shift workers’commute. Cross-plants shuttle bus is also arranged for employees. Default setting of air-conditioner including automatic turn-off in 1 hour, default temperature at 26℃ has been implemented in the facility for years. Re-arrangement of elevators mode, plug-off for washroom air-conditioning, office appliances at night to save electricity consumption. No bottled water is sold at facility convenience stores, paper-saving initiatives are some examples to encourage the employees to join the green living.

Low carbon living Carbon footprint calculator by Innolux

Green Living Activities

Site B in the Southern Taiwan Science Park Wins the First-ever Eco-Community Category Green Building Certificate Awarded to a Technology Business
In 2018, Innolux’s Site B in the Southern Taiwan Science Park was certified by the Ministry of the Interior as an eco-community green building in the first such certification awarded in the hi-tech industry in Taiwan. The site is located on the intersection of Siraya Boulevard, Nanke South Road, and Nanke North Road, with Daoye Lake to the south and Xiake Lake to the west. Innolux has adopted the area known as Green 6 and developed the site into a green ecological system with animals and plants endemic to Taiwan. The area connects with Park No. 15 and Park No. 7 and is linked to the Shanhaizhen Green Bicycle Trail, forming a green belt that surrounds the community and creating a community where ecological balance, energy savings and waste reduction, and healthy and comfortable living are achieved. The employees of Innolux and the residents around the science park can come here to enjoy green living and witness an enterprise that is also eco-conscious and coexists with nature in harmony by adopting philosophical concepts of Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic.
Lotus Pond Walking Trail along the Pond Stepping stones by the Waterway
Green Innolux Makes You and Me Healthy
To improve employees’ eco-awareness, a tree-planting activity was held at the site to plant saplings that signifies the Company’s growth.
“Going Green – Starting with Me” DIY Canvas
Bags This eco-friendly activity was organized to increase eco-awareness and urge employees to go green and lead a civilized and healthy life with low carbon emissions to make contributions to environmental protections.