Corporate Social Responsibility

To Earth, with L.O.V.E

Innolux offers free shuttle bus for shift workers’commute. Cross-plants shuttle bus is also arranged for employees. Default setting of air-conditioner including automatic turn-off in 1 hour, default temperature at 26℃ has been implemented in the facility for years. Re-arrangement of elevators mode, plug-off for washroom air-conditioning, office appliances at night to save electricity consumption. No bottled water is sold at facility convenience stores, paper-saving initiatives are some examples to encourage the employees to join the green living.

Low carbon living Carbon footprint calculator by Innolux

Green Living Activities


To beautify INX Nanjing and raise the awareness of environmental protection in the public,  over 500 employees of INX Nanjing actively participated in plantation activities to grow trees for energy and for hope on 2017.03.10.

Nanjing site held activity to echo tree-planting festival on March 12 with 200 persons participation.  

Diving club took part in the beach-cleaning activity on June 12 at Northeast coast.  

Foshan site in 2015 – Low Carbon Marathon to Celebrate the Launch of Three Major Projects
2015 is a memorable year for the Foshan site. It celebrated the launch of three major construction projects in August, including the activation of the solar-grid generation system with an overall surface area of 190,000 m2, estimated to supply 13 million kilowatt-hours of green power annually and reduce 12,467 tons of CO2 emission, which equals to planting 680 thousand trees. In addition, the east gate, which took five months and 20 days to complete, and the 654-m sheltered corridor both bring convenience to the employees. A total of 480 young, energetic runners lovers participated in the marathon to celebrate the completion of the three infrastructures. The memorable event ended with the last runner rushing through the finishing line. It is a new beginning for the Foshan site. Innolux will continue its journey towards a low carbon environment and pursue with young, healthy principle. The healthy and low carbon ideology will pass on from generation to generation as Innolux continue to grow.

Nanjing site in 2015 – Dragon Boat Festival Creative Fashion Show
A spectacular event was held in Nanjing site to reflect the new fashion trend of environment protection. The employees used their creativity to transform the useless items into fashionable products. Waste materials such as poker cards, newspaper, and plastic bags were used to make the artistic outfits for models to present on the stage. It was a fantastic show. The products featured elements of environment protection as well as fashion. It also shows the creativity and energy from employees in Nanjing site, implementing the environment protection concept of “To Earth, With L.O.V.E” and expecting those waste materials in everyday life can be reused. The event attracted around 800 participants.

Taiwan site in 2015 – Innolux Earth Day
On April 18 the Innolux Education Foundation is hosting the 2015 Innolux Earth Day: Moving Towards Green Living. Approximately 1,350 employees from the northern and southern plants and their families were invited to this environmental education activity.
Innolux planted Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia) saplings indigenous to Taiwan at our locations on five continents as a symbol of conservation and hope. The activity specially planned three major themed activities, including Lawn Auditorium, Agriculture Game Area, and Earth Movie Theater. Secretary-General Lai Xiao-Fen from the Homemakers United Foundation was invited to host the Lawn Auditorium courses and teach food safety in everyday life. Colleagues that participated in the lectures stated that the information was very useful.
Nearly 10,000 employees have participated in the Innolux Earth Day activity that has been held for seven consecutive years. Each year, through the cooperation of corporations and non-profit organizations, the event has expanded the impact of environmental education.

Taiwan site in 2014 – Green Catering
Innolux has promoted the “Red-Meat Free Monday” in its Taiwan plants for 4 consecutive years. In April 2014, it was further expanded to two “Red-Meat Free Day” a week. This event has reduced a collective 2,300 tCO2e from 2011 to 2014. In addition, Innolux has promoted an environmental education idea of “Local procurement” to care for the health of its staff. Since April 2008, company cafeterias have provided organic vegetables. Roughly, 1,385 tons of organic vegetables have been served between 2010 and 2014.

Taiwan site in 2014 – “Earth DayNew Green Living”
Innolux has hosted Earth Day activity for 6 consecutive years. This year, Innolux has invited staff and their families to attend events held at the Miaoli Westlake Resort and the Tainan Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, where 500 True Green Chinese Elm seedlings were planted to emphasize the importance of repopulating forests. Approximately 1,300 people attended the events.From 2008 to 2014, Innolux has planted over 7,000 tree seedlings, which would prospectively sequestrate roughly 4,000 tCO2e when fully grown. This is equivalent 11.5 times of annual CO2 absorption from Daan Forest Park in Taiwan.

Taiwan site in 2014 – “Stop Paper Cups & Save the Earth” Movement
Innolux invited staff members to be the spokespeople for the earth in April 2014. Different environmental concept was advocated through the internal communications platform. This creative promotion gained considerable attention, consequently reducing 21% of paper cup use within 2 weeks.

Foshan site in 2014 – “Innolux Takes The Lead In Cleaning Up Mountains And Forests”
Foshan plant invited staff members to Zaomu Mountain, the first peak of Foshan, to clean the mountain. The staff not only gained exercise, but also assisted in the revitalization of the mountain. Roughly 100 staff members embarked on a journey to the first peak of Foshan, 800 meters above sea level, and cleared over 200 kilograms of garbage.

Nanjing site in 2014 – “Group Cleaning” Community Cleaning Activity
Nanjing plant has invited 80 staff members to participate in a community cleaning competition outside of the plant. This activity promoted community engagement and enhanced the environmental awareness of the staff.