Corporate Social Responsibility

To focus on the promotion of low-carbon environment education, Innolux established the Innolux Education Foundation, combining businesses, employees, and social groups to address various environmental issues.
Building on the previously adopted concept of creating an ecological space for indigenous species, the Innolux Education Foundation established and executed a restoration plan in 2018 to with the goal of promoting indigenous ecological education on campus, and took the initiative to address air pollution issues through a joint effort of the industrial, government, and academic sectors to improve the environment.
Guided Tours in the Indigenous Ecology Base
To help bring the Foundation’s goals for environmental education to fruition, 14 guided tours of the Indigenous Ecology Base were conducted in 2018, and 358 schoolchildren from Luzhu District signed up to participate. As of the end of 2018, the Foundation’s Facebook wall had already attracted 3,359 fans, 43,981 clicks to see the 14 photo albums, and 2,444 clicks to watch the four films.
In pursuit of the ideal of economic development existing in complete harmony with the environment, Innolux and the Innolux Education Foundation began by caring for the environments around its various sites. Over the years, the Company has planted trees to conserve the environment and protect indigenous species, created spaces for ecological education, and worked to restore these beautiful environments and improve air quality. It has always been the aspiration of Innolux to contribute to the conservation of the environment in Taiwan.


Schoolchildren from Centers for Children and Families Invited to Join the 2018 Environmental
Protection Summer Camp
The Innolux Education Foundation held its 2018 Environmental Protection Summer Camp at the Huisun Forest Area in Nantou from August 13 to August 16. In addition to the children of employees, 20 schoolchildren from the Miaoli World Peace Organization and the Center for Children and Families in Tainan were also invited to participate. Biological diversity, the reuse of resources, and the reduction of air pollution were the three main themes of the four-day event, and the 100 participants engaged in a range of activities designed to help them understand the harm caused by air pollution and learn how they can work to help protect the environment. The intention was to increase awareness among the schoolchildren that they can work together to bring back the clean blue sky first by changing their own habits.
Students from China University of Technology were recruited as team leaders to lead the schoolchildren in learning about environmental conservation through summer camp activities and help them understand the importance of clean air. By participating in the event, each of the schoolchildren gained a precious opportunity to experience both ecological conservation and group living.


Finding Solutions to Air Pollution
Three Major Projects
Action 1: Platform established through a joint effort the  industrial, government, and academic sectors
Specialists from different fields were invited to discuss and find solutions to air pollution in Taiwan.
Action 2: Working with enterprises to create a domino effect in the fight against air pollution
Upstream and downstream businesses in the global panel supply chain were invited to work together and fight air pollution
Action 3: Promotion of public education on air pollution
The power of images was used to reach the public and help them become knowledgeable about air pollution; helping form public opinion to instigate change


Action 1: Platform established through a joint effort the  industrial, government, and academic sectors
Taiwan Air Quality Forum
In March, 2018, Innolux held an open forum to discuss government policy, enterprise transformation, air pollution regulations, improvement measures, and pollution control.


Action 2: Working with enterprises to create a domino effect in the fight against air pollution
To maximize influence, Innolux organized a conference titled Suppliers Fighting Air Pollution Hand in Hand and invited the CEOs of more than 200 enterprises including Corning, San Fu Chemicals, Merck Taiwan, and Asahi Glass, to attend, in the hope of achieving consensus across the panel supply chain to reduce emissions from stationary sources of pollution in the manufacturing industry.


Action 3: Promotion of public education on air pollution
Solving the problem of air pollution has to be started by establishing an awareness and understanding of the issue. Influential and reliable teaching materials about air pollution must be produced and the power and reach of images must be utilized to inform the public about this subject and form public opinion to bring about change.