Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Focus
Innolux Corporation won the Global View CSR Award for Excellence in the “11th Annual Greater China Disability Platform; Accessible and Friendly Workplace.”

Reviewer Comments:
‧Innolux demonstrates a high degree of uniqueness, breaking the long-standing myth that the technological industry cannot hire individuals with physical impairment. This is commendable.
‧Innolux is committed to fully understanding the different characteristics of the physically disabled to formulate suitable work positions and establish a comprehensive guidance system. The company is coined “experts in physical disability.”
In 2017 the disability employment rate of different INX plants was as follows: Taiwan 1.18%, Ningbo 1.83%, Foshan 2.24%, and Nanjing 3.3%, were all above the target, except for Shanghai at 0.81%, below the target at 1.5%. In 2017 Taiwan hired 383 employees with disabilities, with a disability employment rate of 1.18%.
We extended the Taiwan experience at plants in Taiwan in early 2013. In 2017, plants in China hired a total of 615 employees with disabilities. Three, including Ningbo, Foshan, and Nanjing, of four INX plants in China reached the target at 1.5%, demonstrating outstanding performance.
The performance of INX Nanjing at 3.3% was way above the target at 1.5%. Apart from arranging orientation for employees with disabilities, INX Nanjing as established a QQ group for them to show extra care for them, raising the number to 215 employees with disabilities. INX Ningbo also hired 189 employees with disabilities. Being considerate to the inconvenient transportation for employees with disabilities, INX Foshan arranged a commuter bus for employees with disabilities and free umbrellas on rainy days to spread our care for employees with disabilities.

Love Without Difficulty –
Innolux Film on the Care of Employees with Disabilities

Competency Improvement and Workplace Health
We offered the Competency Improvement and Workplace Health course in collaboration with the Labor Affairs Bureau of the Tainan City Government and the Department of Occupational Therapy of the National Cheng Kung University. It was the first course organized through industry-academia-government collaboration for a sustainable employee-friendly workplace. On that day Director-General Hsin-chi Wang of the Labor Affairs Bureau thanked INX and hoped that such linkage with outstanding enterprises would enable employees with disabilities to demonstrate their talents, increase organizational productivity, and create a win-win situation for the industry, the academia, and the government.

Disability Job Redesign Implementation Plan
Based on the Disability Job Redesign Implementation Plan, INX Taiwan applied to the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor and the Labor Affairs Bureau of the Tainan City Government for NT$125,000 to subsidize the LED marquee device to help employees with hearing impaired reduced workplace inconveniences, understand important work items in real time, and enhance their occupational safety.
Statistics of disability employment
No. of People /Site Y2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017
(Jhunan and Tainan)
382 436 423 405 383
(Ningbo Foshan, Nanjing, Shanghai)
190 502 736 541 615
Total 572 938 1,159 946 998
Proportion of Employees with Disabilities (%) 0.72% 0.95% 1.45% 1.46% 1.67%
Note: The no. of people is weighted according to local laws and regulations
Innolux Corporation not only has continued to increase its employment rate (accession rate), but also has continued to make improvements in quality (soft and hardware care facilities). Appropriate care facilities have been utilized based on local conditions. Examples of dinning, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, and leisure care facilities at various plants are listed below:

Care for Employees with Disabilities
Item Care Measures at Various Plants
Dinning Dinning hall equipped with priority meal obtainment paths for employees with disabilities.
Dinning hall equipped with axillary billboards for the hearing impaired.
Clothing Disabled employees that work in the clean room wear pink clean suits to make them easily identifiable for safety reasons and for priority assistance.
Emergency exits have specialized cloth hanger lifts.
Clean chairs are setup in the closet area for personnel to change cloth in.
Accommodation Mobility disabled colleagues have priority for floor level and lower bunk accommodations.
Transportation SMS taxi service
Special shuttles are setup to take disabled employees to and from work.
Education Hearing impaired often use communication cards for communication.
Communication training for supervisor of disabled colleagues.
Sign language teachers assist hearing disabled colleagues during training.
Leisure Participate in cultural activities with disabled colleagues.
Tea visits with disabled colleagues.
Care activities during International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

External Sharing Activities for Introduction of Employees with Disabilities
Year Month Activity name Number of people
2016 11 Workplace Introduction Scheme for Student with
Disabilities by Tainan City Government—Company visit at Innolux
2015 12 Innolux shared its experiences being “a friendly workplace for people with disability” with teachers and students from Hong Kong Institute of Education, who visited the Affiliated Hearing Impaired School of National University of Tainan. By doing so, Innolux was able to demonstrate the model of business practical operations. 50
9 Innolux shared its experiences introducing disability employment at the Labor Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government in 2015.
The event was attended by representatives from 46 enterprises.
5,7 Ningbo—National Disabled Day: An Affectional Event at Innolux Ningbo—Group dating activity for employees with disability in Beilun District (Group Social Activity + Port Museum Visit). 150
2014 8 Visiting enterprises that employ disabled persons and interview employers. 250
9 2014 Labor Health Forum; share Workplace Maternal Protection and Care of the Physically Disabled 100
9 International Forum on Persons with Disabilities 250
2013 4 Technique for Introducing Disabled Employees (include introduction techniques and job re-design) 150
5 Work skills that employees with disabilities should possess 220
6 Techniques for Introducing Disabled Employees (include introduction techniques, job re-design, work skills that employees with disabilities should possess, and the role of service staff) 120
7 Work skills that employees with disabilities should possess 45
7 Disability Seminar organized by the Affiliated Hearing Impaired School of National University of Tainan, Kuen Shan Senior High School, and Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology 30
9 2013 Second Tier Job Redesign Outreach and Employer Forum 150
9 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology – Practical Employment for the Disabled 12
2012 5 Shu-Te University Physically Disabled Employment Experience and Sharing 30
9 2012 Seminar on Jobs for the Disabled 250
9 Sharing of experience on introduction of disabled employees by corporations in the 2012 Job Fair for the Disabled, Tainan City 120
10 Seminar on Special Japanese Corporations that Employ Disabled Employees 200
10 Experience Sharing on the Introduction of Disabled Employees in the Electronics Industry 80