Product information

LCD TV Application
Innolux is one of the world's four leading LCD TV panel vendors, and mass produces LCD TV panel product series ranging from 18.5" to 100", including 18.5"-40" entry-level products, 40"-65" mainstream products, 40" -100" large high-end 4K2K products and the world’s first launched commercial 65” 8k4k panels. Apart from providing a full range of products, Innolux also strives to comply with energy-consuming and environmentally-friendly design trends. Innolux's LED backlight designs feature low energy consumption, low weight, reduced materials use, no-mercury lighting, and low electromagnetic radiation. The panels also offer 60Hz/120Hz multiple drive, ultra-high resolution, high contrast, high color saturation, and superior, fast response optical characteristics. Panels can also accommodate 3D video technology, enabling viewers to enjoy even more lifelike and realistic video. Furthermore, panels' ultra-narrow bezel designs give them a modern, fashionable appearance, while providing customers with high-added-value, high-competitiveness product choices. By combining TV technology with environmental protection and modern aesthetics, Innolux is satisfying customers all-round visual enjoyment needs.